Open science is better science!

Repeat after me, open science is better science! 

I believe that, and in that spirit, I am starting to do my best to move the peer review process to open forums when possible (authors permitting of course). Here is the first one on a preprint titled: “The ANTs Longitudinal Cortical Thickness Pipeline” posted on biorxiv. My comments are posted on and reproduced in a formatted PDF here.

Disclaimer regarding my comments in open peer review forums: 

My comments are provided in the spirit of open science and open peer review. They are not meant to comprise any form of “traditional” peer review, wherein a judgement on technical quality, scientific impact and community interest is delivered. I do not intend to imply any of that. I do not imply any sort of personal comments towards the authors. If some of the comments could be perceived as personal (without my awareness), I would appreciate if you let me know, so I can improve or remove them. I would like these open comments (or peer review if you prefer that) to be seen as merely open discussion and, when appropriate, suggestions for improvement if possible. Because I find this work interesting, I am offering my comments, and am excited to engage with and learn from the authors in various ways.

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