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Publications: google scholar

Invited talks and seminars (recent)

  1. June 2020, Tutorial on cross-validation at the OHBM 2020 Educational course on machine learning in Montreal, QC, Canada.
  2. Feb 2020, Workshop on “Optimization of preprocessing pipelines for functional MRI”, at the Rotman Research Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  3. Feb 2020, Seminar on “Better decision support systems via quality, reproducible, and open science” at the Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), MO, USA.
  4. Jan 2020, Seminar on “Open neuroinformatics for better neurology research”, at University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  5. Nov 2019: Talk on “Better biomarkers via quality, reproducible, and open science” at the SickKids Research Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  6. Oct 2019: Talk on “Better decision support systems via quality, reproducible, and open science” at University of Pittsburgh, Departments of Radiology and Psychiatry, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  7. June 2019, Toronto: Compute Ontario Summer School, workshop on Machine in Learning in Neuroimaging, organized by SciNet at University of Toronto
  8. June 2019, Rome: Lead organizer and speaker at the Educational course on neuroimaging quality control at the OHBM 2019 in Rome
    • Talk 1 on “Overview of Neuroimaging Quality Control (niQC), and introduction anatomical imaging QC
    • Talk 2 on “Tools and informatics for niQC
  9. May 2019: Invited talk on “AI in Medicine: current insights and future challenges” at the University of Toronto Centre for Study of Pain seminar series
  10. Jan 2019: Co-instructor for the scientific communication workshop by the Research Training Centre at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto
  11. Nov 2018: Seminar on “Why Python is ideal for [neuroscience] research software development?” at the Python Conference Canada (PyConCA).
  12. Sep 2018, Montreal: Workshop at the 2018 International Resting State and Brain Connectivity conference on practical introduction to machine learning: classifiers, feature selection, and cross-validation.
  13. June 2018, Singapore:  Instructor at the OHBM 2018 educational course on Patter Recognition for Neuroimaging, teaching cross-validation. Testimonials: “Your lecture [on cross validation] solved all my problems with reviewers. Thank you so much!
  14. May 2018, Ottawa: two of my neuroimaging tools were selected for presentation at the CANARiE’s Canadian Research Software Conference (CRSC’18) :
    • easy & comprehensive biomarker assessment w/ neuropredict (lightning talk)
    • rigorous yet easy quality control of neuroimaging data w/ visualqc (poster)
  15. Feb 2018: Canadian Partnership in Stroke and Recovery (CPSR) rounds at the Sunnybrook Research Institute on neuroinformatics and machine learning.
  16. Jan 2018: Research Training Centre workshop at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences on High Performance Computing with detailed checklists and tips to build efficient workflows and effective cluster usage. [Slides]
  17. Jan 2018: Krembil Neuroimaging Rounds (University Health Network ) on machine learning, biomarker accuracy and best practices. [slides]
  18. Oct 2017: Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression (CAN-BIND) lecture series on Network-level imaging biomarkers for prognostic applications. 
  19. June 2017, Vancouver: Cross-validation primer at the OHBM Educational course on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging. Slides: here Mirror: here.
  20. May 2017: Machine learning workshop at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest.
  21. Mar 2017: Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto: Seminar on  medical image analysis and machine learning.
  22. May 2016: Rotman Rounds at Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest: Structural network analysis: Impact of network construction choices
  23. Dec 2015: Toronto Western Research Institute: Neuroimaging rounds


  • Oct 2014 – Ph. D. in Engineering Science
    Simon Fraser University, Canada
    Thesis: Network-level imaging biomarkers for prognostic applications in neuroimaging
  • May 2005 – M. Sc. in Physics
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
    Thesis: Infrared Thermography for Nondestructive evaluation of Material Defects.
  • May 2003 – B.Sc in Mathematics, Physics and Computer science
    Sri Venkateswara University, India (University topper, with perfect score in Math).