Quality Conversations webinar series [on niQC, open science etc]


  • all events will be posted on this calendar you can subscribe to, or you can also subscribe to this newsletter to receive routine (roughly monthly) announcements
  • all events will happen on this zoom room (see end of this page for other ways to join via phone call etc)
  • all of them will be video recorded, and posted in this playlist
  • all are welcome to suggest topics or speakers, including nominating themselves or their colleagues, via this form
  • all of you are welcome to wear and share these fun merchandise to promote niQC

Events in reverse chronological order:

  • Date TBD: Panel / debate on “Correcting Casual Causal Claims: Potential And Limitations Of Causal Inference In Neuroscience” with Drs. Konrad Kording, Russ Poldrack, Michael Cole, Michael Breakspear, Vince Calhoun and few others TBD.
  • Date TBD : Drs. Helmut H. Strey and Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi on Dynamic Phantoms and how “Ground-truth “resting-state” signal provides data-driven estimation and correction for scanner distortion of fMRI time-series dynamics” [paper]
  • Dec 9 11am EST : Dr. Ben A. Inglis, author of the “practiCal fMRI” blog, title: “FMRI and motion: Setting yourself up for success! slightly less failure!
  • Dec 2 11am EST : Drs. Mathieu Boudreau, Agâh Karakuzu and Nikola Stikov on “Vendor-neutral applications for Quantitative MRI QC
  • Nov 23 11am EDT : Dr. Anastasia Yendiki on “Diffusion Weighted MRI QC: Validation of tractography methods and related issues”
  • Nov 19 11am-12.30pm EST: Panel discussion on Holistic Career Planning / The Exit Plan for PhD students and postdocs towards alternative opportunities outside academia; Speakers/panelists: Dr. Jennifer Polk (From PhD to Life), Dr. Sonali Majumdar (PhDPlus, University of Virginia), Dr. James Heathers (Everything Hertz podcast), Dr. Gary McDowell (Founder, Future of Research), Dr. Chris Smith (Postdoc affairs manager, NCSU), and few others.
  • Oct 26 11am EDT : Drs. Linden Parkes and Alex Fornito on Review and comparison of retrospective motion correction strategies
  • Oct 21 11am-12.30pm EDT : Drs. Peter Bandettini (NIH), Nikolas Weiskopf (MPI), Lawrence Wald (MGH Martinos), Harold Moller (MPI) and others TBD: “Behind the scenes look at the practical operations of Big MR Imaging Centres with QA and QC in mind”
  • Oct 12 11am EST : Dr. Thomas T. Liu : on a fundamental topic of lack of clear boundary between signal vs. noise based on his paper titled: “Noise contributions to the fMRI signal: An Overview” [Paper]
  • Oct 6th 11am EDT: Dr. Paul Wighton on “Overview of perspective motion detection and correction methods in neuroimaging
  • Sep 20th 11am EDT: Dr. Jean Chen on “Revisit QC standards for resting-state fMRI?
  • Sep 14th 11am EDT: Dr. Rasmus Birn on “The influence of motion and Physiological noise on fMRI: QC, the latest solutions, and ongoing challenges
  • Sep 6th 11am EDT: Dr. Antoine Lutti on “Restoring statistical validity in group analyses of motion-corrupted MRI data” [preprint]
  • Aug 24, 11am EDT : Dr. Aaron Oliver-Taylor (GoldStandardPhantoms.com) and Dr. Richard Mallozzi (PhantomLab.com) on Phantoms, Quality Assurance (QA) and Commercial Solutions
  • Aug 19, 11am EST : Dr. Jamie L. Hanson on how “Variations in Structural MRI Quality Significantly Impact Commonly-Used Measures of Brain Anatomy” [Talk Video] [Paper]
  • Aug 12, 11am EST : Prof. Tonya White on Automatic Quality Assessment of Structural Images in Pediatric Neuroimaging data. [Talk Video] [Paper]
  • July 27, 4-6pm EST : wide-ranging discussion on phantom-related QA/QC: current challenges and how can we do better? [video]

As I discussed the importance of quality control in neuroimaging with various researchers around the world, before and after the formation of the INCF special interest group (SIG) on neuroimaging quality control (niQC), the need for a lot of education as well as a ton of open inclusive discussions was quite apparent. Many reasons for this include the diversity and complexity of the niQC related tasks themselves, complicated further by the lack of consensus in most aspects. To address this critical need,

  • we created an open and public google group (that anyone interested can join just by subscribing to it),
  • we ran an educational course on niQC at OHBM 2019 in Rome
  • we have been collecting various useful resources on the niQC website – please feel free to add anything else you believe is relevant by sending us a PR or opening an issue here.

As you can imagine, that’s not enough, and to keep the conversation going in an open and inclusive manner, we announce the webinar series called Quality Conversations ©. This series will aim to facilitate any and all conversations related to the goals of the niQC SIG as well as related topics such as open science.

Events on the Quality Conversations series, along with niQC SIG events, will be posted on this google calendar that you can subscribe to: URL.

The first event in this series will focus on “Phantom QA/QC in neuroimaging” (discussing the current challenges and potential solutions e.g. a centralized repository to monitor scanner performance?) on Tuesday July 27th 2-4pm EST. Join us! if you have experience and expertise in this topic, and would like to present, please reach out to me or share your thoughts on the google group.

The series would include various lectures on cutting-edge research, tutorials (on methods or tools) and panel discussions (e.g. open challenges to develop consensus and best practices). We encourage you to suggest any topics (that you would like to learn) and speakers (you would like to hear from), including nominating yourself, via this google form.

We plan to record all the meetings when possible (except when we lack consent etc), and share them later e.g. here on the Quality Conversations playlist, and potentially mirrored on few other places.

Stay tuned for the remaining upcoming events. Join us and spread the word. Thank you.

Other ways to join the zoom for the Quality Conversations webinar series:

Meeting ID: 375 027 1811
One tap mobile
+12678310333,,3750271811# US (Philadelphia)
8778535247,,3750271811# US Toll-free

Dial by your location
        +1 267 831 0333 US (Philadelphia)
        877 853 5247 US Toll-free
Meeting ID: 375 027 1811
Find your local number: https://pitt.zoom.us/u/acLnMM0Uol

Join by SIP

Join by H.323 (US West) (US East) (India Mumbai) (India Hyderabad) (Amsterdam Netherlands) (Germany) (Australia Sydney) (Australia Melbourne) (Singapore) (Brazil) (Mexico) (Canada Toronto) (Canada Vancouver) (Japan Tokyo) (Japan Osaka)
Meeting ID: 375 027 1811

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