Announcing the Open Minds lab @ Pitt

I am super excited to announce I am joining the University of Pittsburgh as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology. At the new Open minds in Machine learning, INformatics and Data Science (MINDS) lab (follow us at @OpenMindsLab), we aim to solve high-impact biomedical challenges leveraging our expertise in medical image analysis, signal processing, machine learning, biostatistics and data science. With a preference for cost-effective and clinically optimal solutions, we seek to improve patient outcomes with novel multidisciplinary techniques and decision support systems via quality, reproducible, and open science.

Join the team

We are looking for multiple new team members with a passion for quality, reproducible and open science, at various levels including postdocs, research software engineers, or related variations.

Few projects we will be pursuing include but not limited to:

  • Development of multimodal imaging biomarkers, targeting high-impact applications from early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and differential diagnosis to predicting response to treatment in Major Depression,
  • Development of standards for biomarker performance evaluation,
  • Quality control protocols for neuroimaging data (niQC),
  • Development of various other techniques and tools to achieve the above objectives, including multi-site data harmonization, conquering confounds in predictive analysis, advancing machine learning techniques for multimodal analysis (such as kernel methods, graph kernels and multiple kernel learning) and many others.

In the heart of School of Medicine, you will have the opportunity to solve some fundamental challenges at the intersection of machine learning, biomarkers, neuroimaging and informatics. Projects at the Open Minds lab will help you develop and hone skills that are highly employable as well as highly transferable to multiple domains in the academy and the industry.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city home to many state of the art academic labs and industry in healthcare research and technology, offering all the buzz of big cities at an amazingly affordable package.

If you are interested, email us at, briefly stating your research interests, what projects excite you, what your long term goals are (we welcome and support all career paths) and attach your comprehensive CV. Note: please insert “Application Postdoc”, “Application RSE” or “Application other enquiry” in your subject line along with your name.

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